Cook wanted 1150 to 1650 € net

Cook wantedcook is the name for helpers in the kitchen, which usually perform simpler or preparatory activities in inn, restaurant, canteens or commercial kitchens.

Often, however, a special training with cook is not required. Even trained specialists from the hospitality industry are usually welcome applicants for a job. Practical experience in the hospitality industry and in the handling of food are beneficial for applicants and there is a training at the workplace. On the other hand, the requirements placed on staff when handling food under the Infection Protection Act must always be met. This is to ensure that there is no contamination of the food with germs of infectious diseases. The top priority is the cleanliness. This includes regular hand washing during operation. cook   must be resilient, flexible and a team player. A certain amount of rest and resilience, especially in stress situations, should be given as well as a minimum level of physical endurance.

Cook wanted

Tasks Cook wanted:

– Production of food
– Cleaning of workplaces and kitchen
– Compliance with hygiene standards and regulations
– Control of warehouses
– Control of warehouses

Conditions Cook wanted:

– no or little knowledge of German
– Vocational training to cook / in advantage, but can be taught
– Ability to cook and handle food
– Can work under stress too
– ready to work long term

job description

Do you share our passion for cooking?
Are you reliable and committed?
You are team-oriented and you want to be part of an excellent team?
Do you enjoy the daily challenges of a kitchen and contribute to making the guests feel at home with us?

Cook wanted

We offer you:

– 1150 to 1650 € net, depending on working hours
– Free accommodation on site including water / electricity / heating
– we work 100% free no commission for applicants!
– Bonus after a minimum of 6 months working in the company
– Permanent employment
– Social insurance and health insurance with Allianz Versicherung
– paid pension contributions
– The support of a Romanian language coordinator during the period of employment

There is interest ?? Great, then contact us, we are always there for you.

Cook wantedThen apply to us for one of the vacancies in the area of ​​looking after the guests with a variety of tasks around a hotel and the care of the plant.

If you are interested in looking for a cook wanted, who should contact us without obligation. The agency will contact you promptly and take all necessary steps.
Please note, we need some information from you, because the company has the cook searched from Eastern Europe in order to wants to hire you. This means the agency has to create a small CV of yours, and also check your knowledge. We’ll save you a personal job interview in Germany so that you can start working in Germany very quickly.
Good work, good money, even after this principle you can earn money in Germany.

Cook wanted

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