Employees chocolate production 1150-1750 € net

Employees chocolate productionEmployees of chocolate production produce chocolate as specialists in confectionery technology. They make here hollow body of chocolate, chocolate bars and tableware, but also cocoa mass, butter mass or powder. They serve and monitor industrial plants and check the quality of the products.

Employees of chocolate production control, regulate and monitor the machines which perform all work steps from the raw material preparation to the packaging of the goods automatically. The cocoa beans, nuts or almonds are also mechanically cleaned, sorted and weighed, roasted and ground.

Employees chocolate production

The employee chocolate production fills cocoa mass according to recipe mixed with sugar and other ingredients, fed into the rolling mills and then into containers for tempering. The specialists also operate the casting machines and molding machines, hollow body equipment and table systems, in order then to give the chocolate masses their final form. Thereafter, the chocolate pieces are entered into the packaging equipment.

During the delivery of raw materials and during production, they take samples for laboratory examinations, but also convince themselves by visual inspection, odor and above all taste tests that the production processes run smoothly. In addition, they clean and maintain the machines and systems.

Employee chocolate production

Employees chocolate production


– The chocolate products are made up
– Defective packaging sort out environmentally friendly
– Hygiene regulations are strictly observed
– If necessary, then take on temporary jobs in the camp
– Accurate way of working


– no or little knowledge of German
– Vocational training in the food sector advantageous, but can be taught
– Ability to work accurately
– care, responsibility & duty
– ready to work long term

job description

Do you share our passion for working with chocolate?
Are you reliable and committed?
You are team-oriented and you want to be part of an excellent team?
Do you enjoy tackling the daily challenges of a production helper and helping to make customers happy?

We offer you:

– 1150 to 1750 € net, depending on working hours
– Free accommodation on site including water / electricity / heating
– we work 100% free no commission for applicants!
– Bonus after minimum 6 months working in the company
– Permanent employment
– Social insurance and health insurance with Allianz Versicherung
– paid pension contributions
– The support of a Romanian language coordinator during the period of employment

Employees chocolate productionAnyone who has an interest as an employee chocolate production has, should contact us without obligation. The agency will contact you promptly and take all necessary steps.
Please note, we need some information from you, because the company looking for painters and refinishers from Eastern Europe wants to hire you. This means the agency has to create a small CV of yours, and also check your knowledge. We’ll save you a personal job interview in Germany so that you can start working in Germany very quickly.
Good work, good money, even after this principle you can earn money in Germany.

Employees chocolate production

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