Construction workers wanted 1200 to 1750 € net

Construction workers wanted Construction workers or construction workers mentioned in the various construction sectors, such as building construction, civil engineering but also in the finishing trade, the simple construction work according to instructions of construction workers. For example, in civil engineering and road construction earthmoving work is carried out such as planing and compacting, laying of paving, pipes and cables. In building construction and expansion, for example, they also provide formwork material, help with the introduction, compaction and aftertreatment of concrete, apply insulation and plasterboard or perform plaster and screed work. Often, they are also used for cleanup and material transports

Construction workers wanted

Tasks Construction workers wanted :

– Transport tasks on the construction site
– Supporting activities in construction
– Execution of earthworks and surface works
– Making foundations for buildings, roof supports and car washes
– demolition work and renovation


– no or little knowledge of German
– Vocational training for construction workers is an advantage, but can be taught
– Ability to deal with heavy work
– Working outdoors
– ready to work long term

job description

You share our passion for building?
Are you reliable and committed?
You are team-oriented and you want to be part of an excellent team?
Do you enjoy tackling the daily challenges of a construction site and contributing to its completion?

Construction workers wanted

We offer you:

– 1200 to 1750 € net, depending on working hours
– Free accommodation on site including water / electricity / heating
– we work 100% free no commission for applicants!
– Bonus after minimum 6 months working in the company
– Permanent employment
– Social insurance and health insurance with Allianz Versicherung
– paid pension contributions
– The support of a Romanian language coordinator during the period of employment

There is interest ?? Great, then contact us, we are always there for you.

Then apply to us for one of the vacancies in the field of construction helpers with a variety of tasks on a construction site.

Construction workers wanted If you are interested in finding a construction worker, you should contact us without obligation. The agency will contact you promptly and take all necessary steps.
Please note, we need some information from you, because the company, the construction workers wanted from Eastern Europe has commissioned you want to hire. This means the agency has to create a small CV of yours, and also check your knowledge. We’ll save you a personal job interview in Germany so that you can start working in Germany very quickly.
Good work, good money, even after this principle you can earn money in Germany.

Construction workers wanted

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